Vocal Coaching – Week 5 till 7

For those who are following my story, thank you so far. We’re getting close to the end and yes, I do notice some big differences in my voice.

Even in such a way that I’d like to thank Aaron Anastasi for developing his ‘Superior Singing Method‘. That’s the course I’ve been following the last few weeks on a daily base. I’m not done yet, but the improvements are there. Especially if you knew how I sang before and now, it’s a big difference. Mainly, I actually dare to sing now.

Even in such a way, I’ve been trying out my new iPhone 6S Plus to record video (using the front camera tough) while I was playing Ukulele and singing along my playing. No, I won’t win contests with it, but I’m actually a little proud that I dare to get this out in the public/online.

Without further due, my video (yes, you may laugh or don’t like it). I would appreciate it if you comment, but keep it nice. Again, it’s a big thing for me to post this so don’t post things like ‘YOU SUCK’, because I am aware of that..

Sorry for that. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading 🙂

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