My current drum gear I use on the road.

Lignum custom Drumkit (Sycamore)

Bart's drumkitBartDrumkitSideview

10, 12, 14″ toms
14″ snare
22″ bassdrum.
Color: Turqoise

Aquarian Focus-X on toms
Aquarian Texture Coated on snare
Aquarian Superkick-II on bassdrum

Samsun Brilliant Medium Ride 20″.
Samsun S-Raw Halo Thin Crash 18″
Samsun Traditional 16″ medium thin
Samsun Regular RB Traditional Extra-Thin Crash 14″.
Samsun RB Traditional Medium Hi Hat 14″
Samsun Brilliant Trash Splash 10″

Drumsticks: Balbex 5A
Tama bassdrum pedal
Pearl Hihat stand
Several Tama or Pearl boomstands
All transported in Stagg hardcases

Proudly endorsed by Samsun Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Balbex Drumsticks and Lignum drums

Samsun Cymbals
Aquarian Grad. 6.1.10


Lignum drums




Mobile drumkit: Dimavery Cocktail drumkit
Cajon: A3Cajon Custom build

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