Bart van den Akker, born back in 1982 and playing drums since 1986. Happily married with Anya, since 11 September 2014 dad of Lisa and living in Helmond, the Netherlands.

I love Rock ‘n Roll, Blues, Rockabilly, and Folk (Rock) music and I’m capable of playing all sorts of music (also from sheet music).

Next to playing drums and singing backing vocals, I also love to do bookings for bands and making sure a show or tour makes everybody happy.

If this isn’t enough, I’m a big fan of Retro Computers in general as you can see in the Retro Computer section of this website. This started around 15 years ago when I started with ICT which I’m still doing today. I build up high level experience on VoIP so you can ask me anything about that as well.

I’m honest, open minded and a fun guy to hang around with (as I’ve heard). Feel free to drop me a mail or contact me on any Social network (see icons above) if you want to know anything or you want to book me as freelance drummer or bookings agent/tour manager.

With a friendly,
Bart van den Akker


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