Vocal Coaching – week #3 & #4

Sorry I haven’t posted last week. It’s been quite a week with everybody in this house being infected by some virus. I actually had to skip 2 singing lessons because I was too ill to do so. I’m fine now, so continued today.

Week #3 was all about Vocal Tone, adding some exercises to get more control of the nasality of my vocal sound and how to get the best tone out of it.

Week #4 was all about Pitch where I found a huge improvement already. There was this exercise where a piano was making a sound (going from A to D# to B to F#) and the exercise was to match this note by either flowing into it and/or hitting the note instantly. It was kinda hard the first time and I did cheat a bit by using a tuner app on my iPhone, but today (after 2 days of no singing) I managed to hit the notes just by listening to it. This is actually a big breakthrough for me, since I can easily do scales, but hitting random notes was really hard to do and that’s improved hugely now.

I’m looking forward to next week, where I’ll learn ‘Power & Resonance’. Hopefully my band mates will notice that as well.

Meanwhile, I have a new iPhone which I’m really happy with (an iPhone 6S plus), sold some old computers and I’m feeling much better after a few days being really sick.

Next week, another short blog about my vocal lessons. Fun fact, I’m recording some things of my progress. I may post this at some point.


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