Android vs Apple, again

As open-minded as I try to stay and being a Linux-user for at least 15 years, it’s quite obvious that Android has my attention. Since I changed from Linux to Macintosh (first as a Hackintosh, later I actually got real Macbook) for my personal use, I shifted to Apple’s operating system and I’ve been using that as my primary operating system.

Going back in time, when I still mainly used Linux. I’ve used most operating systems on mobile (incl Windows mobile 6.5 back in the day and my favorite Symbian OS on the pretty SonyEricsson P1i. My contract ended so I got myself an Orange M3000 running Windows 6.5. Worst mistake ever (and possible worst phone ever made). I switched back to Symbian on a Nokia N91 (which was a neat phone) but eventually I went for an iPhone. The very first one (already outdated at the time, the iPhone 3G was there already). I played with it a lot but there was no integration between Linux and iPhones at the time. I had to run Virtualbox in order to jailbreak the iPhone to make it work. Then I read about the new Motorola Milestone coming out, running the latest Android (that was back in 2009). I got mine using import through Germany which gave my Milestone a German keyboard layout. Workable though. I think I was one of the first people in NL who had this phone which was a great phone in those times. It was also my first Android experience and all seemed well. But, I got annoyed. Motorola stopped updating the Milestone and using custom roms I had to get newer versions. All these versions had some issues, either battery drained too quick or crashing for incoming phone calls. All in all, I got really fed up and sold them Milestone to get an iPhone 3GS (which I still have today) which also started my journey to become an Apple user (Hackintosh -> Macbook).

So, here we are. 6 years and 2 generations of iPhone later (currently on iPhone 5). I’m completely converted into an Apple user having the Timecapsule at home, 2 Macbooks (my wife has one and myself), 1 powerbook, 1 powermac (see here) and even an iPad. All my music (well over 10000 songs legal) is distributed around my devices using iTunes Match and everything is okay.

Why this blog? Well, my mother-in-law was fed up with her LG E612 and I gave her an iPhone 4. A good chance for me to start playing again with Android just to see where they are now.

I rooted the device and installed the latest available Android on it, 4.4.4 (KitKat) apparently and, without simcard, started using it (yes Apple, without simcard)

But, it’s probably the phone, I’m not convinced. I do like the fact it has a native SIP-client in Android (which doesn’t work and only crashed the phone, probably related to the phone) and that it’s open (I can relatively easy install another ROM). But iOS on the iPhone feels so much more solid. Applications work decently and as a personal taste, the layout is by default not the most nice one I’ve ever seen. Yes, you can change it and that’s again the problem, there are too much layouts .. Application which don’t work are also something I don’t get. I mean, the OS is the same (despite version differences) but why does Zoiper refuse to play the audio to the normal speaker and are all my calls by default on speakerphone (can’t turn it off either). Tried different Android versions, all the same.. I mean, come on.. I want to use it as SIP-client to make private phone calls, not everybody should hear that..

So, in general, my opinion:

Pro’s Apple (which are con’s for Android)
– Software simply works. No bullshit. Works on all iPhones unless specified.
– iOS works equal on all phones factory default. Not this weird menu’s on different brands.
– iTunes Match works like a charm.
– integration with desktop is flawless. Answering phones on my macbook or iPad, awesome! Contacts synced without thinking, love it. Photos in the (private) cloud, yes! Messages are even synced. I can send text messages from my desktop.

Pro Android (cons for Apple)
– SIP-client
– Multiuser
– SD-cards just a a normal drive recognised.
– Access to the phone (ssh, fileserver)
– It’s a small Linux. Love it!
– Runs on multiple brands.

So, my perfect phone would be an Apple operating system with addition of a default SIP-client, multiuser and easier to access which will be integrated with my computer(s) as the current iOS is and with freedom of phone selection (for example, I would like something like a Samsung or HTC if it runs iOS).

I guess I should keep dreaming ..

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