Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 3


Manufacturer: Tandy
Model: TRS-80 Colour Computer 3

CPU: Motorola 6809E
Memory: 128K
Harddisk: None
Other IO: None

Microsoft Extended Basic


After extensive searches and a few missed biddings, I found this Color Computer 3 and I managed to import it into Europe. I had to find a screen to support it’s NTSC-output. This machine was so far, the dirtiest machine I’ve ever seen. A pack of cigarettes smells less like cigarettes than this Tandy did. Also, when I finally managed to get the thing up&running using a 230v->110v adapter I found out the keyboard was partly broken. Cleaning and repairing later, the machine is in a fairly good condition. See the video of the restoration below (which also includes the insulation of my retro room). I also like to thank the Facebook group ‘TRS 80 Color Computer’ for providing me information how to repair the machine.


Restoration (June/July 2016)


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