Amiga 2000 #1

Manufacturer: Commodore
Model: Amiga 2000

CPU: 68000 @ 7 MHz + 68030 @ 30Mhz on GVP card
Memory: 1MB Chip RAM, 2MB Fast RAM, 4MB Additional Fast ram
Harddisk: None
Other IO: Amiga internal FDD, Gotek drive, SCSI MicroSD card.

Current: None

Pushed in the Kickrom 3.1 when I got this baby. In addition it has an XT emulator card.


One of the Amiga 2000 I found cheap nearby. The other one is currently broken.

Update December 2015: Got a GVP accelerator card giving me SCSI, a 68030CPU, 68882 coprocessor and 4MB extra memory making a total of 7 MB now.

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