Amiga 1200 work-horse

Amiga 1200 work horse

Amiga 1200 work horse

Manufacturer: Commodore
Model: Amiga 1200

CPU: 68060 @ 50 MHz
PPC – CPU: 603P @ 240Mhz
Memory: 2MB Chip RAM, 256MB Fastmemory
Harddisk: 4GB Internal CF
Other IO: Amiga internal FDD, PCMCIA CF-card reader, external CD-drive

Current: (Classic) Workbench 3.1

With BlizzardPPC accelerator card, kickrom 3.1.

Quake on 68060
Trying to boot Linux
Booting up for the first time (with GVP Jaws II 68030)
This Amiga 1200 on 37″ Plasma TV for a show (with GVP Jaws II 68030)

This system is a current project to be retrobrighted and become my major Amiga system to work on. It will have a network card in the future and basically my test-system to try out new things.

It was part of the collection I found and adding new hardware to it since then.

Additional photo’s:
2013-10-27 20.24.26

20131022-123334.jpg2013-10-12 17.45.03

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